Artwork – Lee Skalkos




Framed original pastels and oil paintings by Easton artist Lee Skalkos.


Lee Skalkos is a pastel artist, metalsmith, and certified art teacher in the state of Connecticut. She has been teaching art for 17 years. Lee has lifelong experience with metals and has recently found an incredible passion for soft pastels. She visits Montana, Maine, and Wyoming often to explore our National Parks and to share her experience of them with her students. 

“As a teacher,” Lee says, “I know that before I teach a subject, I need to teach my students who I am and to share my love of art with them. It’s important to me to be aware of how I think of and represent myself: I don’t wish to be viewed as an art expert of person who definitively knows whether a work of art is ‘good’ or not. Instead, I consider myself a skilled and enthusiastic teacher who promotes students’ critical thinking and creations.”

Lee says she believes that art education should focus on children’s ideas. “Their their experiences must be valued and built upon. Then art lessons can be not just successful, but also relevant.” 

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Acadia National Park, Acadia National Park Marsh, Aspetuck in Fall, Blue Bowl of Apples, Blue Skies, Distance (oil), Easton Reservoir, Fall in Acadia, Field of Pink, Field of Trees, Gladiolus Gardens, Hayden Valley WY, Huntington Road Barn (oil), Lonetown Barn, Lonetown in White, Lordship Marsh, Maine Botanical Gardens, Merchant Barn Redding, Pear Apple Cherry, Pear Apple Fig, Purple Fields at Dusk, Road to the Red Barn, Roadside Barn, Rock House Road, Route 58 Easton, Samuel Staples Sky, Southport Marsh, Spring Lavender, Teton Reflections, Twin Barns Huntington Road (oil), White Barn, White Barn (oil), Wonderland in Acadia, Yellow Light at New Pond Farm