Candied Ginger Slices


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From the famous Savor Fine Foods of Thomaston, Conn., an 8 oz. bag of slices of the same ginger used in its Coconut Ginger cookies. Delightful to eat as is, steeped in boiling water for 4 minutes for tea, or boiled down to a simple syrup! (Refrigerate it to use in your favorite cocktail.)

Ingredients: Ginger, Sugar, Sulphur dioxide.

* The ginger used in cookies does not contain sulphur dioxide.

Savor Fine Foods is a micro-bakery specializing in unique hand-made short bread cookies. They took the humble shortbread cookie, mixed it with some surprising ingredient combinations and created a line of cookies that are sweet, savory, and spicy! Based in Connecticut, Savor has built a community and audience that appreciates non-traditional flavors and understands the pleasure of food. They offer a variety of flavors that are extraordinary and cookies made with care and love.