Cheese – Cheddar Truffle Bar – 8 oz.


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Handmade in Vermont by Grafton Village. Both fresh truffles and truffle oil infuse this mild cheese throughout with that telltale truffle quality. Sweet and buttery flavors with a semi-firm pliant and creamy texture.

Serve with a drizzle of raw honey and toasted hazelnuts or whole grain crackers. Use this cheese to turn almost any kitchen creation into a truffle-scented luxury, whether it’s a simple grilled cheese sandwich or a rich potato gratin. The combination of rich cheese, truffled scent, and a hearty starch base create the ultimate decadent comfort.

Grafton Village Cheeses are made from the finest raw milk directly from local family farms. The milk is heat-treated to ensure the quality of end products.

Pasteurization of milk alters the richer, more complex flavors in cheese, so raw milk cheese is a joy to artisanal cheese lovers. By law, raw milk cheese must be aged for 60 days. At Grafton Cheese, all cheeses are aged for a minimum of 60 days.