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For over 20 years House of Knipschildt has been renowned for creating exquisite quality artisan chocolate.

Fritz Knipschildt began his journey to present the world with the most exquisite chocolates in his small apartment kitchen back in 1999 in Connecticut. As a young adventurous chef and immigrant from Denmark, his passion and dedication to constantly setting the bar for what is possible and durable in the world of fine chocolates and confectionary, has always been – and is more than ever today – a corner stone of House of Knipschildt.

Greiser’s is proud to have Fritz as a friend, customer, and supplier!

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Acai & Puffed Quinoa, Burnt Caramel Hawaiian Sea Salt, Cranberry Pumpkin Seed, Crunchy Peppermint, Dark chocolate Elderberry & lemon peel, Dried Cranberry Pumpkin Seed & Nut Trail, Flat white espresso, Heart Shaped Box of Bon Bons, S'mores, Toffee Pretzel