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An easy-to-use 10-pack kit that makes fermenting fun and safe at home!


Small Town Cultures’ Lacto-Fermentation Starter Kit includes everything you need to start fermenting today!

Kit includes:

Quart Wide Mouth Jar

Glass Weight

Silicone Airlock

Wide Mouth Metal Lid

Basic Recipe For Both Brine Style and Kraut Style Ferments

This is the exact set up used to produce Small Town Cultures’ own Small Batch Ferments which are available retail at Greiser’s Coffee & Market.

The Fermentation Vessel is glass, which means you can see through it!! You are able to see all the action, the color changes, the bubbles, the texture changes. Let your veggies ferment until they stop bubbling, usually between 20 and 35 days. Also, glass is very easy to clean, you can even put it in the dishwasher!

The Silicone Airlock (also dishwasher safe) takes the stress out of fermentation. The Airlock allows carbon dioxide out, while preventing ferment ruining oxygen and putrefying bacteria from getting in.

Also included in the Kit is a Basic Recipe Card. The card has simple instructions that can be used to ferment nearly any vegetable or fruit (or combination there of). The basic instructions are specifically tailored to Quart Sized Wide Mouth Jar that comes in the Kit.

Be creative, there is no wrong combination… and remember to taste your creations along the way.

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