Hand Turned Wood Bowls




Easton craftsman Steven Holm-Hansen transforms felled trees around town into beautifully turned and functional bowls. In a range of sizes and wood types, his bowls and vessels make memorable, one-of-a-kind gifts.

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apple bowl, Apple Bowl 10.5×2.5, Apple Candlestick Pair 6.75 inches, Apple Fruit 11.75×3.75 inch, Ash 10×3 inch, Ash Bowl with Base 9.25×3, black walnut, Black Walnut 7.25×2, Black Walnut Bowl 9×2, Cherry 12 x 4 (footed with sapwood highlights on r, Cherry 13.5×3.75, Cherry 8×3, Cherry 9×4.5, cherry bowl tapered base, Cherry Bowl with Knot Hole 12.5×3.25, Cherry Rice Server, Cherry Symmetrical 6.75×2.75, cherry vase, Cherry with base and rim, Figured Ash 6.25×1.75, figured ash bowl, Large Maple Bowl, Maple Bowl 10.5×3, Maple Hanging Shelves, Maple Lidded Vessel with Walnut Finial, Poplar Bowl 11.5×4.5, Poplar Natural Edge, Shaped Cherry Bowl 7.5 x 3, Small Apple With Grooves, Small Cherry Bowl, Spalted Cherry Bowl, Spalted Cherry Bowl 12.75×4, Spalted Maple Bowl 6.5 x2.5, spalted maple bowl with knot, Spalted Maple Fruit Bowl 12.5×4 with Solid Knot, Weighted Maple Candlestick Pair 10 inches, White Oak Bowl 16×5 with Base, White Oak Bowl Oval 12 x 11 x 2.5