Jewelry – Peace of Nature by Sofi




Sofi Kurtz is a local science teacher and jewelry maker who turns delicate natural forms that she finds in meadows, forests, gardens and seascapes around Fairfield County into beautiful and colorful resin jewelry. Find her latest work at Greiser’s, updated quarterly, and on instagram @peace_of_nature_by_sofi

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Earrings: Black & Red Butterfly Wings (Gold), Earrings: Black and Gold Bridgerton, Earrings: Black and Gold Glitter Skeleton Leaves (, Earrings: Black and Red Butterfly Wings, Earrings: Black Round Bezel- Forget me Not, Earrings: Black slanted rectangle bezel- Pink Cham, Earrings: Blue Butterfly Wings (Silver), Earrings: Blue Drop with Multicolored Queen Anne's, Earrings: Blue Hydrangea (Silver), Earrings: Blue Tinted Cicada Wings (Gold), Earrings: Bougainvillea (Silver), Earrings: Buttercup & Queen Anne's Lace (Silver), Earrings: Clamshell & Red Stone, Earrings: Coreopsis Baby Sun, Earrings: Garnet (Silver), Earrings: Garnet & Strawberry Quartz (Silver), Earrings: Green Ferns, Earrings: Green Leaf Skeleton, Earrings: Green Tea Tree Flower Triangle Bezel (Go, Earrings: Green Teardrop Bezel- Green with Pink Te, Earrings: Half Wood with Lavender, Earrings: Light Blue Hydrangea (Gold), Earrings: Long Rectangle Bezel- White with Red Bab, Earrings: Ombre Silver Glitter (Silver), Earrings: Pansies (Silver), Earrings: Pink and Green Butterfly Wings (Silver), Earrings: Pink Bleeding Hearts, Lemon Shaped Bezel, Earrings: Pink Star Daisy, Earrings: Pink Teardrop, ½ Wood- Turquoise Queen A, Earrings: Purple Aster on Green (Gold), Earrings: Purple Hydrangea (Gold), Earrings: Purple rectangle Bezel- Fern and Viburnu, Earrings: Queen Anne's Lace, Earrings: Red Daisies (Gold), Earrings: Round Bezel with Feathers (Gold), Earrings: Round Blue, ½ Wood- Sea Star (Silver), Earrings: Round Purple, ½ Wood Queen Anne's Lace (, Earrings: Round White, ½ Wood Red Aster (Gold), Earrings: Slanted Triangle Bezel- Fern Leaves (Gol, Earrings: Stained Glass Wood, Earrings: Turquoise Leaf Skeleton (Gold), Earrings: Viburnum, Earrings: Watermelon Tourmaline (Silver), Earrings: White Daisies (Silver), Earrings: Yellow Bezel with Blue Fern, Earrings: Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly Wings (Gold, Earrings: Yellow Violets, Necklace: Black Teardrop with Pink Cherry Blossom, Necklace: Blue Hydrangea (Gold), Necklace: Blue Round Bezel with Violet & Viburnum, Necklace: Circle Bezel-White with Red Rose and And, Necklace: Circle with Purple Pansy, Necklace: Daisy, Necklace: Fairfield Beach Glass Pentagon (Silver), Necklace: Guinea Fowl Feather Square (Gold), Necklace: Guinea Hen Feather (Gold), Necklace: Half Wood Pink Circle with Blue Queen An, Necklace: Heart Bezel- White with Pink Queen Anne’, Necklace: Heart Bezel- White with Red Queen Anne’s, Necklace: Hexagon Bezel- Black with Pink Chamise (, Necklace: Honeycomb & Queen Anne's Lace (Gold), Necklace: Monarch Butterfly Wing (Gold), Necklace: Monarch Butterfly Wing (Silver), Necklace: Oval Bezel- Black with Snow Drop (Silver, Necklace: Oval Bezel- Guinea Fowl Feather (Gold), Necklace: OVAL Green Queen Anne;s Lace (Gold), Necklace: Oval Mushroom Snail Bezel (Silver), Necklace: Pismo Clams (Silver), Necklace: Purple Delphinum (Silver), Necklace: Rectangle Bezel with Sea Glass, Necklace: Rectangle Bezel- Blue with Cherry Blosso, Necklace: Rectangle Bezel- Lily of the Valley (Sil, Necklace: Rectangle Bezel-Blue and White Sea Glass, Necklace: Red Queen Anne's Lace Heart Gold, Necklace: Reindeer Lichen Hexagon (Gold), Necklace: River Rocks, Necklace: Round Bezel- CA Beach Wrack (Gold), Necklace: Round Bezel- Pink with Yellow Daisy (Gol, Necklace: Round Bezel- White with Pink Larkspur (G, Necklace: Round Pink, ½ Wood- Blue Queen Anne’s La, Necklace: Round Sea Star & Sea Glass, Necklace: Round Zebra Nerites (Silver), Necklace: Sea Glass from Fairfield, CT, Necklace: Square Bezel Green with Green Leaves (Si, Necklace: Square Purple Bezel with Purple Daisy, Necklace: Underwater Urchin Scene (Silver), Necklace: Violet Daisy (Gold), Necklace: White Daisy (Gold), Necklace: White Teardrop with Red Rose (Silver), Necklace: Yellow Forsythia, Necklace: Yellow Oval with Forget Me Nots (SIlver), Necklace:Oval Green Queen Anne;s Lace (Gold)