Microgreens – Gilbertie’s Organic Petite Edibles – Seasonal Blend – 2 oz.


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Micro greens offer up to 70 times more nutrition than full grown greens – plus they have amazingly more flavor, crunch and versatility.

Gilbertie’s Petite Edibles unique blends of Microgreens include greens, herbs, vegetables & shoots​. They are 100% USDA Certified Organic and GAP food safety certified. All of Gilbertie’s water is UV treated to prevent bacterial growth. Soil grown for maximum nutrition and flavor,​ Petite Edibles are hand cut, and packaged on Gilbertie’s farm right here in Easton, CT.

​Gilbertie’s dedication to organic practices and maintaining the integrity of each plant is what sets our farm apart from other growers. Micro greens are grown in 10″ x 20″ trays or flats, filled with Gilbertie’s own organic soil blend. They grow over 40+ varieties of herbs, greens, vegetables and shoots.