Water – Be Thirsty Natural Spring – 16.9 oz.


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Just launched by a Norwalk-based business, a new boxed water option that you can feel good about – and can make you feel good.

Be Thirsty presents a 100% recyclable paper-based box filled with Pure Spring Water from the Cascade Mountains, sourced from Mt. Shasta in Northern California. It’s a box filled with hundreds of years snow melt filtered through volcanic rock that’s enhanced with magnesium, calcium, and potassium ions to provide a higher pH to increase the water’s alkalinity, which can reduce inflammation and acidity in the body. Better than a plastic bottle of water in every way.

Over 5% of Be Thirsty profits are donated to support sustainable forestry and ocean clean-up efforts.

 Produced in a Zero-carbon emission facility
 Generates less than 1⁄4 CO2 emissions than 1-L PET bottle  Contains NO BPA, Fluorides, Chlorides, or Sodium
 Made using FSC-certified paper
 Exempt from Single-Use Plastic Bans
 Extended Shelf Life with Opaque Packaging
 Mineral-based Bio-degradable Inks