Wet-it! Cloths




Wet-it! cloths are made of high-grade cotton and cellulose pulp to wipe like a cloth and absorb like a sponge – up to 16x their weight in liquid! With colorfast prints, the cloths can withstand many washes and will last for 6 months or more with normal use. 

Replace your paper towels, sponges, and other “disposable” clean-up wipes to wash dishes, wipe counters and cabinets, or clean the fridge and microwave. Also great for general cleaning such as damp dusting, washing windows, mopping the floor and cleaning tubs, sinks and toilets. 

Clean Wet-it! in the dishwasher, clotheswasher, microwave, or a pot of boiling water.


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Blue and White, Blue Birds, Cardinal, French Bee Black and Gold, Honeybee, Little Chix, Painted Chicken, Polka Pig, Silver Snowflakes, Strawberry, Striped Floral, Winter Day Gold