Yogurt – Sheep’s Milk – 16 oz.


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From Old Chatham Creamery in Gtoton, NY, which describes their yogurt this way: 

Compared to cow milk, sheep milk is higher in calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B6, B12, and E. Not to mention it has all 10 essential Amino acids and higher protein levels than cow milk. It even has high concentrations of special CLA fats which have been shown to significantly reduce unhealthy fats. And the best part for our lactose-intolerant friends? It’s lower in lactose than cow milk, which allows many people who experience lactose intolerance to consume sheep milk with little to no side effects.

Our proximity to our sheep and goat dairy just minutes away allows us to preserve and capture every element of the fresh nutrition that sheep milk has to offer. Never with fillers, non-GMO, and all natural, we take this raw superfood and turn it into delicious yogurts and cheeses for your enjoyment.