Book – Your Jacket Needs More Hairballs: Poems by Cats for the People Who Serve Them


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Cats rarely wish to share their poetry. And even more rarely does anyone wish to read it. Yet lack of human interest has never bothered the feline mind one whit, and so the human world now may behold the premiere poetry anthology of the Warm Kitty Institute.

Warm Kitty Institute is a fluidly organised worldwide research conglomerate dedicated to real and lasting warmness of kitties, which supports cat-led research topics. If your cats continuously knocks things onto the floor, they may be conducting gravometric research. Your home may be an annex of the Warm Kitty Institute already.

Here it is, straight to your bedside book pile, from the nimbus minds of cats. Those strange minds which invented darting to the wrong side of the door at the last minute, ponder death-defying leaps onto your belly while you’re sleeping, and think there’s nothing wrong with staring at a wall for hours from one inch away.

Reading poems by cats may prove ill-advised, like much in the literary realm. Nevertheless, the feline poets of Warm Kitty Institute invite you to join in a journey through feline obsessions: napping, eating, the desire to kill, and lodging formal complaints about the lodgings. If you remain nonplussed, well, then you may still gaze upon their prettiness.

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