Our Staff



Easton resident since 2010. Cafe owner since 2018. Also a business journalist, wedding decorator, “mom” to two cattle dogs, and married to her landscaper. Favorite Greiser’s menu item: Iced Flat White. When she’s in charge of the Sonos you’re probably listening to: Ella Fitzgerald.


Barista Manager

#1 hire. Knows your order better than you do. Meteor Head drummer. Latte artiste. Builder of your breakfast sandwich, brewer of the cold brew. Poached from Tusk & Cup. Favorite menu item: Nitro cold brew. When he’s in charge of the Sonos you’re probably listening to something that’s probably not his preference.


Barista & Sandwich Builder

Recent Barlow graduate. Future anesthesiologist. Skinny Pines dough stretcher. Favorite menu item: Oatmilk. When she’s in charge of the Sonos you’re probably listening to: Belle & Sebastian.


Barista & Sandwich Builder

Child of Easton. Barlow graduate. Aspiring animation artist. Studio art major at Lewis & Clark. Lover of all creatures. Daughter of #1 Customer Dave. Favorite menu item: a Veggie Sandwich. When she’s in charge of the Sonos you’re probably listening to: Patti Smith



Potter, milliner, jeweler, coder, stealth activist, cat person. Optimizer of workflows, fixer of technology. Editor and publisher of 2020’s first book of poetry by felines. Favorite menu item: almond cake. When she’s in charge of the Sonos you might hear Blaze Foley or M. Ward.



Social butterfly. Barlow’s most smiley graduate. Serious about book hoarding and board gaming. Aspires to dethrone J.K. Rowling. Favorite menu item: Oat Milk Latte. When she’s in charge of the Sonos you’re probably listening to: Prince.


Gallery Manager

Easton resident since… Sculptor, artist, writer. PhD candidate. Creator of our egg-beater chandelier. Favorite menu item: Lavender Orange Grey tea. Introduced Cel-Ray soda to Easton.


Tech Consultant

Barlow graduate, UConn computer science major, and website builder. Percussionist. Future tech billionaire. Favorite menu item: Cappuccino. Sonos? He doesn’t get to be in charge of music, but if it’s broke he’ll fix it.


Consulting Chef

Moved from Boulder back to home state CT just in time to bring experience as a retail food store owner, private chef, and manager at Whole Foods and Aux Delices to the “new” Greiser’s. With every kitchen move we make, we ask WWBD? When he was in charge you were probably listening to: The Grateful Dead.

Dick Greiser

Land Lord

Easton legend and icon. To know him is to love him. Only menu item he’ll try: Coffee. If we put him in charge of the Sonos he would turn it off.