Cookies – Shortbread Minis – Assorted Flavors – 8 oz. bags



Savor Fine Foods is a micro-bakery specializing in unique hand-made short bread cookies. They took the humble shortbread cookie, mixed it with some surprising ingredient combinations and created a line of cookies that are sweet, savory, and spicy! Based in Thomaston, CT, Savor has built a community and audience that appreciates non-traditional flavors.


Coconut Ginger: Wheat flour, Butter, Desiccated coconut, Powdered sugar, Rosewater, Rum, Crystallized ginger, Vanilla, Lemon oil, Sea salt.

Cinnamon Orange: Wheat flour, Butter, Powdered sugar, Orange oil , Cinnamon, Vanilla, Sea salt

Lavender:  Wheat flour, Butter, Powdered sugar, Lavender, Vanilla, Distilled Rose Water, Sea salt.


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Black ice, Candied Ginger, Chai ginger, Cinnamon Orange, Coconut Ginger, Doris Day, Dragging fruit lemon, Dragonfruit, Dragonfruit Lemon, dried shallot, Emma Jean, Fiori, Firefly, geneva, Ginger Ginger, Hot Chocolate, Krakatoa, Lavender, Mango-go, Naugatuck, Nicasia, Olive & orange, Tomato & Onion