Wood Bowls – Hand Turned from Easton Trees



Steve Holm-Hansen hand turns his gorgeous wood bowls and other wood utensils from fallen Easton trees. Outside of the craft markets that Steve shows at locally, his bowls can be found exclusively at Greiser’s. 

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Ambrosia 9.25 x 2.5, Ambrosia Maple 10×2.5 inches, Ambrosia Maple 3-inch pillar candle sticks PAIR, Ambrosia Maple 9 x 2.5, Ambrosia Maple Footed Fruit Bowl 12.5×5 inches, Apple Wood Slight Foot 9.5×2.5 inches, Apple Wood Slight Foot 9.5×7.5 inches, Ash Salad Bow 12×3.5, Beech Ring Holder 5 by 3, Black Walnut 7.75×1.75 inches, Black Walnut Dish 6.75 by 1.5, Cherry Bowl 12.5 by 4.0 – smooth base, Cherry Bowl 5.75 x 1.25, Cherry Bowl 7.25 x 2 shaped base, Cherry Bowl 9 by 2 with cove base, Cherry Bowl with Shaped Base 10 x 3, Cherry Burl 7.5 x 5 high, Cherry Covered Bowl 5.75×1.25, Cherry Pawn Watch Holder Love, Cherry Small Bowl with Flat Bottom 7.5×2 inches, Cherry with Cove Base 10.25×3.5 inches, Cherry with Gentle Base 10.75×2.5 inches, Elm 9.25×2.5 inches, Maple Bowl 8×2, Maple Bowl with Cove Base 8.5×2.5 inches, Maple Burl Bowl 4 by 2, Maple Spalted with Shaped Base 8.25 x 4, Pear Bowl 9×2, Spalted Cherry Bowl 8.75 c 2.75, White Oak Covered Bowl with Apple Finial 8.0 Diame