Local Artist - Alain Bourgeois - Framed Photography and Books

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Local Artist - Alain Bourgeois - Framed Photography and Books
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Brand: Alain Bourgeois

Urban landscape photographer Alain Bourgeois is a part-time neighbor and frequent visitor to Greiser's. From his homebase in New York, he has traveled around the US and abroad seeking to document the progressive effects of the passage of time on the structures and tonality of the ever shifting urban environment.

"Over time the context in which our lives are lived changes, not only in memory but also in fact," he writes. "Revisiting that context can open a window on both our common experience and our individual history. Softened by the steady hand of time, the locations of our lives can be seen anew."

Greiser's is pleased to feature more than two dozen of Bourgeois's images in our gallery this Summer, 2024. All framed works are printed on archival paper with Epson pigment ink. Each 16 x 20 inch image is priced for sale at $400; 12 x 12 images are $200. 

Senescence: Grace in Aging is a collection of 32 photographs of scenes in New York City, Bridgeport, Detroit, Havana, Paris and locations elsewhere, through which Bourgeois conveys a deep appreciation of the passage of time and captures the heartbreaking beauty of decay.  

These images, he writes, "tell a significant part of our story. They are who we were." 

In all, 29 framed images and 6 books of Alain Bourgeois's photography are available at Greiser's.