Local Authors: James Prosek

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Local Authors: James Prosek
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Easton resident and artist James Prosek has made the exhibition catalog from his current show at the Yale University Art Gallery available for sale at Greiser's Coffee & Market.

An award-winning artist, writer, and naturalist, Prosek (b. 1975) has gained a worldwide following for his deep connection with the natural world, which serves as the basis for his art and numerous popular books. In this cross-disciplinary catalogue, Prosek poses the question, What is art and what is artifact—and to what extent do these distinctions matter?

Drawing on the collections of the Yale University Art Gallery and the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, Prosek places man- and nature-made objects on equal footing aesthetically, suggesting that the distinction between them is not as vast as we may believe.

In more than 150 full-color plates, objects like a bird’s nest, dinosaur head, and cuneiform tablet are juxtaposed with Asian handscrolls, an African headdress, modern masterpieces, and more. Artists featured include Albrecht Dürer, Helen Frankenthaler, Vincent van Gogh, Barbara Hepworth, Pablo Picasso, and Jackson Pollock, as well as Prosek himself, whose works depict fish, birds, and endangered wildlife.

Also included are an incisive essay by Edith Devaney and texts by Prosek that explore the magnificent productions of our wondrous interconnected world.

Learn more about the exhibit here