Senescence: Grace in Aging

An Exhibit of Work by Urban Landscape Photographer Alain Bourgeois

Join us with the artist for an opening reception on Wednesday, May 29 at 6:00 PM

Greiser’s will feature an exhibit of Alain Bourgeois’s photography throughout the summer, 2024. We’ll celebrate the theme of the collection, Senescence: Grace in Aging, at an opening reception on May 29.

You might recognize the name Bourgeois as the world-famous French-American sculptor and painter Louise who spent summers and weekends in her home here in Easton from the 1940s until her death in 2010. Greiser’s Coffee & Market arrived on the scene 8 years too late to meet Louise, but we’re very fortunate to have her son Alain Bourgeois and his wife Jessica Bourgeois as customers and friends. And we’re delighted to host an exhibit of Alain’s photography in the Greiser’s gallery.

As an urban landscape photographer, Alain has traveled around the US and globe seeking to document the progressive effects of the passage of time on the structures and tonality of the ever-shifting urban environment.

“Over time, the context in which our lives are lived changes, not only in memory but also in fact,” Alain writes. “Revisiting that context can open a window on both our common experience and our individual history. Softened by the steady hand of time, the locations of our lives can be seen anew.”

Alain’s new book, Senescence: Grace in Aging, features 32 photographs of scenes in New York City, Bridgeport, Detroit, Havana, Paris and elsewhere, through which he conveys a deep appreciation of the passage of time and captures the heartbreaking beauty of decay. These images, he writes, “tell a significant part of our story. They are who we were.”

In advance of the show, a limited number of signed copies of Senescence are now for sale exclusively at Greiser’s for $45 each. Find them on the bookshelf in our gallery room.

There will be additional collections of Alain’s photography, published over the years, available at the reception later this month. And the artist will be here to sign your copy! Admission is free and open to the public.

Discovered Light: The Final Photographs of Geri Gould

Opening Reception Thursday, May 4, 2023 at 6:30 PM

Geri Gould received her first camera at age eight from her father, Joe DiCuffa. He was a professional portrait photographer in New York City and provided a solid foundation of training and inspiration.

Her photography has been exhibited and recognized by the Easton Arts Council, Citizens for Easton, Black Rock Art Guild at Burroughs Community Center, Harborview Market and Framemakers Gallery.

Greiser’s Coffee & Market is privileged to partner with Kit Briner, Geri’s longtime love and companion, to show the final series of Geri’s work, “Discovered Light.”

After Geri passed away in January 2023, fellow Easton artist Robert Brennan assisted Kit in curating Geri’s this exhibit, which will be on display from May 4 through late June. All images are for sale in the store and online here.

This is how Brennan described Geri’s images and talent:  

Geri Gould was an artist who happened to use a camera. Like Claude Monet and so many other painters, Geri was on a continuous and relentless search for the light, and in the process, she discovered the shadows, thus starting a visual dialogue of elegance, intrigue, mystery, and poetry.

The light streams in through the window, is interrupted by the leg and side of the gate leg table. The shadow is cast on the wall as a silhouette. The artist chooses what to save and composes by distilling the visual elements of shape, line, texture, and value into powerful, simplified abstractions, not unlike Robert Motherwell’s paintings, inspired by the shadows cast by the “El” upon the Manhattan streets below.

Engaging in some kind of alchemy, Geri makes shapes dissolve into mystical visions, works of ambiguity, mystery, and beauty wherein the viewer is treated to a most sophisticated visual, mental, and emotional journey in which the artist simply but not simply, shows us what she found in the most common everyday occurrence of the sun shining through the window.

The interplay of the light and the dark has been the “stuff” of painters, poets, musicians, philosophers, and all variations of mankind since the first questions posed regarding the night and the day. As there can be no music without silence between the notes, there can be no elegant shadows unless the light is also present.

Geri Gould’s gift to us is in a plain, but not so plain symphony of shadow and light, composed over time in the finest tradition of art making, the passionate search to find beauty and meaning in the often missed light that may cast itself even across our bathroom wall.

Please join us for an opening reception to celebrate the art and life of Geri Gould at Greiser’s on Thursday, May 4, 2023 at 6:30 PM.