POSTPONED Appreciating the Poetry of Cats, with Illustrator Alice Fritz

Thursday, March 19, 2020, 6:00-8:00PM.

In celebration of World Poetry Day, Greiser’s presents a unique event for lovers of poetry and students of cats alike. According to artist Alice Fritz, “Cats rarely wish to share their poems. Even more rarely does anyone wish to read their poems.”

Nevertheless, Fritz, was called upon to curate the artwork for a new poetry anthology, “Your Jacket Needs More Hairballs: Poems by Cats for the People Who Serve Them.” Greiser’s will host a reading and discussion of the publication with Fritz on Thursday, March 19, from 6:00-8:00 pm.

“Your Jacket Needs More Hairballs” is a lighthearted art book featuring photography, illustration, and poetry from cats at the Warm Kitty Institute. The Institute, founded in 2011 to further R&D into providing real and lasting warmness for kitties, enjoys worldwide renown as the leader in cat-led research sciences. Less well known is that WKI also counts among its members many prolific literary cats. As feline poets would rather nap on the couch than compose coffee table books, their first anthology is a long time coming.

The Institute issued a call for poetry to the various and far-flung Warm Kitty Institute annexes worldwide. (Unbeknownst to you, your own home might be one such annex. For instance, if your cat continuously knocks things onto the floor, she is likely conducting gravimetric research.) In addition to a few poetry submissions, the institute received a multitude of poetically posed cat selfies, so Fritz was called upon to curate art for the anthology.

Join us Thursday evening at Greiser’s as Fritz discusses the cats’ artwork and reads their poetry, which fixates on a few interrelated themes: napping, eating, the desire to kill, and lodging formal complaints about lodgings. Copies of “Your Jacket Needs More Hairballs: Poems by Cats for the People Who Serve Them” and Warm Kitty Institute swag will be available for sale. Greiser’s will provide kibble and guests are welcome to bring their own catnip. Overflow parking is available at the Congregational Church across the intersection of Center Road with Westport Road.

When not under contract to the Warm Kitty Institute, Fritz is also occupied as a potter, a jewelry maker, a software engineer, and a Greiser’s barista.