Cappuccinos Come to Easton

by Ellin Curley

I am a life long resident of Easton, Connecticut. We have had two general stores in town since the 1920’s or 1930’s. One of those town traditions, Greiser’s, has reopened after a major transformation. It is now my favorite place in town.

The owner, Richard Greiser, has recently decided to retire. So he rented the front rooms of the store and kept the back room for his beloved and wonderful antiques.

The woman he rented to, Adrienne, decided to totally reinvent the front space. She turned it into a “gourmet” country store and coffee shop. It also sells miscellaneous items like candles and soaps, blankets and aprons and interesting teas. It has a distinctly upscale country vibe.

 The décor is warm, comfortable and rustic. There are places to sit down to enjoy your coffee, both inside and out, in an armchair or at a table. And there is still friendly conversation, with Adrienne (who is delightful) and other servers, as well as with other customers. So the experience is still small-town intimate.

But the food is totally high end. The refrigerator section houses vitamin waters, cheeses, cultured butter, frozen pastas and packed, marinated vegetables. Also sold are interesting jams, pestos, honeys and condiments.

Some of the teas and coffees served at the counter are cappuccinos, macchiatos, espressos, and chai lattes. Alternate milks are on hand for the lactose intolerant.

The baked goods are delicious, especially the croissants – almond for sweet and bacon and egg, ham and cheese and spinach and ricotta for savory. The cakes and muffins are flavors like orange spice and almond poppy seed and they often have macaroons as well. The sandwiches are paninis, like Brie and fig preserves on whole grain, locally baked bread.

I’m thrilled with the new Greiser’s. I love the vibe and the food. I’ll be even more excited when their chef (yes, they have a real chef) starts making cooked meals for dinner take-out.

I never thought I would be able to sit in a comfy chair and enjoy a cappuccino or latte just one mile from my home! But Easton now has a place to go with atmosphere, personality and charm as well as good food and good conversation. Now I can have a touch of culinary urbanity in my otherwise rural life.

Three Cheers!

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