Jewelry – Peace of Nature by Sofi Kurtz


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Peace of Nature Jewelry is created by hand by Greens Farms Academy science teacher Sofi Kurtz. All jewelry incorporates pieces of the local flora found by her own students. Sofi’s work features elements of nature such as wildflowers, butterflies, dried produce, and more! 

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Black Hexagon NEcklace, Black Snowdrop with Driftwood Necklace, Blue Circle Necklace, Dark Blue Daisy Earrings, Dragonfly Wing Earrings, Earrings – Black Teardrop Pink Larkspur, Earrings – Bleeding Hearts & Ferns, Earrings – Cornflowers Teardrop, Earrings – Dark Blue Hydrangeas, Earrings – Half Daisies, Earrings – Lime Slices, Earrings – Long Rectangle Blue Apatite, Earrings – Orange Slices, Earrings – Pink Tea Tree on Green, Earrings – Red Oak Leaves, Earrings – Sea Star Teardrops, Earrings – Strawberries, Earrings – Tomatoes, Earrings – Yellow Gingko, Earrings – Yellow Red Daisy Rectangles, Four Leaf Clover Earrings, Green Teardrop Necklace, Guinea Hen Necklace, Hummingbird Earrings, Japanese Maple Earrings, Light Purple Pansy Earrings, Lily of the Valley Necklace, Mountain Laurel Hexgon Necklace, Necklace – Black Eyed Susan Circle, Necklace – Black Fern, Necklace – Blue Rectangle White Tree, Necklace – Blue Seaglass, Necklace – Hexagon Forget-Me-Not, Necklace – Light Blue Hydrangea, Necklace – Oval Wildflowers, Necklace – Purple White Pansy, Necklace – Queen Anne's Lace Turquoise Circle, Necklace – Round Forget Me Knots, Necklace – Round Seaweed, New Earrings 1, New Earrings 10, New Earrings 11, New Earrings 12, New Earrings 13, New Earrings 14, New Earrings 15, New Earrings 16, New Earrings 2, New Earrings 3, New Earrings 4, New Earrings 5, New Earrings 6, New Earrings 7, New Earrings 8, New Earrings 9, New Necklace 1, New Necklace 10, New Necklace 11, New Necklace 12, New Necklace 2, New Necklace 3, New Necklace 4, New Necklace 5, New Necklace 6, New Necklace 7, New Necklace 8, New Necklace 9, Oval Wildflowers Necklace, Pink & Blue Baby's Breath Earrings, Purple Delphinium Earrings, Purple Plum Blossom Earrings, Purple Queen Anne's Lace Necklace, Queen Anne's Lace Qiartz Drop Earrings, Queen Anne's Lace Quartz Drop Earrings, Rectangle River Rocks Earrings, Red Rose on Blue Circle Necklace, Red Rose Teardrop Earrings, Sea Glass Necklace, Sea Horse Necklace, Triangle Fern Earrings, White Bog Star Earrings