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Stickers and cards featuring the linocut, woodcut and metal plate prints of Easton artist Elizabeth Adriani.

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American Goldfinch Notecard, American Robin Notecard, Angry Bear Holograph, Black Capped Chickadee Notecard, Budgett's Frog, Cheeky Birds of CT, Cheeky Birds Stickers, Cheeky Bluebird Notecard, Cheeky Chickadee Notecard, Cheeky Eastern Bluebird, Cheeky Goldfinch, Cheeky Goldfinch Notecard, Cheeky Mouse, Cheeky Red-bellied Woodpecker, Cheeky Robin Notecard, Cheeky Woodpecker Notecard, Cow, Eastern Bluebird Notecard, Fruit Bat, Glamorous Lucinda, Hello Cat, Metal Plate Cat Postcard, Nail Monster Holograph, Red Bellied Woodpecker Notecard, Sneaky Lucinda Holograph, Tomato Frog, Toothy Friend, Wolf, Wood Cut